Done, done and done!

Hello All,

For those who have not spoken to me recently, I passed my thesis dissertation on March 21st, 2014! This means that I will now have my Masters of Science from West Virginia University with an emphasis in Human Nutrition and Foods. My thesis was entitled “Effectiveness of Sleep Extension on Performance and Nutrition on Female Track Athletes”. Below you will see the presentation that I gave during my dissertation.

Defense Presentation

Recently, I gave a short oral presentation on my research at the Design & Merchandising, Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design Research & Creative Scholarship Conference, where I received second place! 🙂 My final hoorah will be to present at Experimental Biology in San Diego, CA at the end of this month!

What’s next to come is to sit for the RD exam and hopefully pass (cross your fingers). Also, submit my finalized thesis document and start my PhD program here at WVU for the next three years. Exciting things happening, so stay tuned for the next chapter of my life!





One week with WIC (Women, infants and children)

For my last rotation, I was able to rotate with WIC for one week. WIC is a special supplemental nutrition program that serves women, infants and children. More specifically, WIC is a federally funded discretionary program that has been established since 1972. WIC’s goal is to identify and correct nutritional deficiencies which, if left untreated, could lead to a poor quality of life for our citizens. Some of the services that WIC provides are; nutritional counseling and education, breastfeeding promotion and support, health screening, medical and social service referrals and monthly food packages. For more information on the West Virginia WIC program, visit


During my time at WIC, I was able to experience a multitude of benefits that WIC has to offer as well as assist many of the diverse health professionals associated with the program. For most of the time, I spent time with RD who counseled and qualified WIC clients for their monthly food packages.Foods

I was able to lead a couple of the counseling sessions in which I was able to provide my own nutritional knowledge, but also learn about the participants that WIC serves (pregnant mothers, breastfeeding mothers, food insecure women and children, etc).  For one day of the week, I attended clinic with the lactation consultant of WIC who was very knowledgeable in what she did. I learned a ton of information about the importance of breastfeeding for the mother and child. I also attended a breastfeeding class where I was able to hold a pretend baby and breastfeed it! Lastly, I went with the RD to group homes in different regions of West Virginia and help with documentation. Group homes were a brand new experience to me. I learned about the nutrition care process of mentally disabled individuals, but I also learned the dynamics of a group home. Overall, my experience at WIC was able to expand my opinion of the roles RDs in the community. It was a great experience to say the least!


Today is a New Day!

I saw this quote from WellWorks, a fitness and wellness facility in Ohio, where I did my undergrad. It really stuck to me as I can sometimes get really down after eating one cookie or be a couch potato one day. Here it is! Hope you find some value in it too!

Eating one cookie will not make you overweight, being late for one meeting does not make you a bad employee, and spending one Saturday afternoon on the couch instead of being productive does not mean you are failing. Realistically, throughout the year, we are all going to have some delays while working toward our goals. Instead of dwelling on yesterday’s setback, remember that today’s a new day!

Last Week of Clinical

It has been a quick, but educational experience at my clinical rotation and now the end has come. During my last week I have been on staff relief. During staff we relief, the interns act as if they are employed by the hospital. Therefore I assumed almost all responsibilities of and RD.

Also this week, myself and the other interns had the opportunity of presenting a case study in front of all the RDs at the facility. I presented on an HIV male patient who underwent nightly supplemental nutrition and a calorie count. For more details, below is the presentation I gave to the RDs.

Case Study

Well I am almost done with my rotations as a dietetic intern! I have a couple more weeks with Women, Infants and Children (WIC) in January. Wish me luck as I begin my descending journey as a masters student and dietetic intern. 🙂

Choose to Change Project


This week, I continued my rotation in Charleston but I was able to volunteer for a project called ‘Choose to Change’. The is a grant funded project that aims to prevent childhood obesity in Monongalia and Kanawha counties of West Virginia. With this project, they hope to improve overall health and wellbeing of children and their families. This project aims to develop and implement effective, practical healthy lifestyle strategies in early childhood that can be sustained throughout a lifetime.

One of the cool pieces to this project is Choosy. Choosy is the kids role model who encourage healthy decision making and is an ambassador for healthy children. Choosy’s motto is: Be Choosy Be Healthy! It was very rewarding to see the kids glow and be excited when Choosy came into the class.

Oral 1web

Nutrition 1webActivity 1web

I think every kid needs a role model in life like Choosy. Whether it be a friend, parent, sibling or friend of the family. Childhood obesity is increasing at a tremendous rate and our society needs to do something about it. The Choose for Change Project is one piece of the puzzle looking to move our kids to a healthier future. If you are in the neighborhood of Monongalia or Kanawha county, I would suggest you visit the website ( and see how you can get involved!

Dean Ornish Part II

It was another interesting week with the Dean Ornish Program. Myself and two other interns were able to accompany an RD toa  cooking demonstration of the program. While we were there, the chef prepared meals that followed the diet. He prepared a “chicken” (soy) sandwich, a farro and quinoa salad, and a corn and bean salsa. It was a great time with great food!

Now for the challenge…try a Dean Ornish recipe yourself! Below I have attached a link where you will find all kinds of recipes 🙂 You may just surprise yourself with how delicious these items taste, but how healthful they are!